‘The Great Pumpkin’ patch

As Halloween creeps up on all of us, one of the most important questions still remains: Where should I buy my pumpkins?

Whether to carve, paint, or simply to leave as a decoration on your front porch, everyone is in need of the classic orange ornament. Going to the supermarket never feels festive enough, and the closest farm is at least a 20 minute drive. But don’t worry, because there is a third option that, in my experience as a Marblehead resident, is the best one of them all. And that is to explore all the wonderful places we have here in town to pick out your perfect gourd.

Clifton Lutheran Church had 2,000 pumpkins for sale this season.

Every year, the Clifton Lutheran Church, located on 150 Humphrey St., starts selling pumpkins in late September until every last pumpkin is sold. This tradition has been going on for several years, and it not only helps a local establishment, but also helps support Native American workers in New Mexico. The Church purchases pumpkins every year from New Mexico, helping employ hundreds of underprivileged workers.

I have personally bought my pumpkins from them for many years, and apart from it being for a good cause, it is also a super fun experience. Walking around and closely inspecting every pumpkin to find which one has the perfect size, shape, and weight, is something that will never get old. And trust me, there’s a method. I also love seeing all the locals there, getting into the Halloween spirit and learning about the history of the pumpkin patch.

Seeing kids walk off carrying pumpkins they can barely fit both arms around, and hearing them talk about how they’re going to carve them, just brightens anyone’s day. I can’t wait to head down there this year to find my perfect pumpkin… so I can take it home, cut it open, pull out its guts, and stab a knife into it to make a face. At least it gets me in the Halloween spirit.

Disregarding the slightly gruesome tradition of jack-o-lantern carving, consider popping over to Humphrey Street for a quick look around. Because who knows, you might even find something that puts Charlie Brown’s “Great Pumpkin” to shame.

Rachael Albert, Headlight assistant editor
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