Send us your Letters to the Editor

Former Marblehead Reporter editor Frank Yetter wrote in his 2022 Marblehead Current guest column:

“Newspapers create a sense of place. They highlight a community’s strengths, weaknesses, comings (births) and goings (deaths) and teach us about where we live as the de facto chronicle of local events. Read the Current. Write to it. Complain about it. Marblehead just restored one of its crucial foundations.”

So let’s hear it! Agree with us? Disagree? More to add on a story? Good, bad or ugly… we want to know what you think, and we believe that our whole community is stronger when we’re able to share discourse.

Letters must be limited to 500 words and signed by a Marblehead resident with a street address.

You may also submit a letter by emailing it to us at info at marbleheadnews dot org.