Marblehead, Swampscott real estate transfers, week of Oct. 17 – 31, 2022

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Andrew and Sarah GrafErin and Charles Kace1 Adams Rd10/26/2022$850,000
John C. RiceChmara INT1 Campbell Way10/20/2022$1,020,000
Shar VanboskirkPatricia and James Patrick2 Pleasant Ct10/20/2022$1,400,000
Linday and Bowden Russell4 Overlook Road RT4 Overlook Rd10/21/2022$680,000
Scott and Dawn SchnellJudy Groves11 Harris St10/28/2022$1,336,000
Leah and Jonathan WaldoStevie G. Browning11 Susan Rd10/27/2022$935,000
Anusia GillespieEllen R Potash IRT15 Sapphire Rd10/28/2022$768,900
Sunni and David PotachLawrence Strain and Rossana Ferrante19 Jane Rd10/31/2022$825,000
Ryan and Lindsay McGuinnessSusan Dephillips and Kimberly Barnes26 Flint St10/27/2022$1,765,000
Matthew and Alexander LindsaySean and Thomas Connolly138 Jersey St10/21/2022$500,000
Britt and Owen Decker Jennifer G. Elliott190 Atlantic Ave10/24/2022$864,000


Buyer SellerAddressDatePrice
Matt Keeney and Rachael HuxholdJason and Ilse Paquette5 Birch Rd10/31/2022$806,000
Jamie and Francis DavidsonHuy Mean and Am Ao 9 Sampson Ave10/28/2022$608,000
Freedom Development CorpLee C. Laganas22 Shelton Rd10/28/2022$300,000
Christian Cyr Catherine Martin32 Eastman Ave10/26/2022$537,500
Sophia Zelov and Jonathan GrinhamAmon and Alvina Vered 45 Orchard Rd10/20/2022$985,000
Erolynn and Matthew Phelan261 Atlantic Avenue NT261 Atlantic Ave10/17/2022$800,000

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