LETTER: Hazlett a ‘natural leader’

Please join us in casting your vote for Helaine Hazlett for the Board of Health.

Throughout most of her adult life, Helaine has been a tireless and dedicated contributor to the physical and mental well-being of Marblehead citizens of all ages.

Helaine served for many years on the Marblehead School Committee and more recently, she has served multiple terms on the Board of Health. Helaine is a natural leader who first takes the time to listen to concerns of the town’s citizenry and then assimilates what she has learned in deciding what action to take.

In addition to her many years of elective public service on Marblehead boards and committees, Helaine has also committed herself to a wide range of community needs, having served as past president of the Marblehead Counseling Center, having been a founder and current board member of Marblehead’s Dollars for Scholars, serving as current co-chair of the Task Force Against Discrimination and being a member of the Friends of Marblehead Public Schools, to name a few.

During the pandemic, Helaine has shown herself to be a Board of Health member who is willing to take such steps deemed to be in the best physical and mental health interests of Marblehead citizens of all ages, based upon her past public health education and experience, knowing at times that significant differences of opinion existed.

Similarly, Helaine has worked hard to carry out the changes to the Transfer Station that have been made all the more complicated due to significant costs associated with remediation of the site and the abutters’ property.

Please re-elect Helaine Hazlett to the Board of Health on June 21! We wholeheartedly endorse Helaine and believe she will continue to serve Marblehead well.

Bob Peck and Brenda Beaton

Tidewinds Terrace

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