Walking through the gates from the parking lot into the festivities, the smell of popcorn, cotton
candy, and fried dough greets my nose as the sounds of excited screams and joyous laughter fills
my ears. It’s dark out, and there are skeletons and zombies on display around every corner.

If you’ve ever gone to Canobie Lake Park, you know how lively and exciting it is. There are
more rides around every corner, people filling the walkways, eating chicken and popcorn. During
Screeemfest, the park transforms. On top of all the classic roller coasters and fair rides, there are
five haunted houses to wander through.

The haunted houses are wonderfully done, with tight hallways and lighting that changes with
every doorway you go through. Some hallways are trippy, like the hallway of mirrors, where you
can’t tell whether you’re about to walk into a mirror or further into the hallway. Some are fun,
like the blacklight hallway, with all the crazy neon colors glowing against the black wall. Around
every dark corner, there are people waiting to jump out and scare you.

There are also rooms with gory scenes of surgeries gone wrong, and prison cells with “dead” mannequin bodies. So whether you want an adrenaline jump scare, or you prefer more horrifying scares, there is
something for everyone. Even if you aren’t scared easily, bring a friend who is easily scared,
and watch as they jump at each corner.

When I entered the first haunted house, I was prepared to just sit back and watch my friends get
spooked, but in the end I was the one tensing with every step, and screaming at every scare. By the time I walked out of the haunted house, my nerves were shot, and I was dying of laughter. The haunted house was wonderfully fun and scary. I had the time of my life.

Even for those who aren’t fans of haunted houses but still want a scare, or want some good
spooky Halloween fun, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy Screeemfest. Hidden everywhere around the park, there are actors dressed in horror costumes, whose job it is to scare you. I saw a lady dressed as Marie Antoinette and a few zombies and clowns. There were also some creatures with costume chainsaws, though they sure sounded real.

So if you’re looking for some good old Halloween fun this spooky season, I recommend paying Canobie Lake Park Screeemfest a visit. The festivities don’t disappoint, and it’s a good way to get in the Halloween spirit.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and, looking around town at the decorations, I can’t wait to wear my costume and see my friends’ costumes. However you celebrate Halloween, I wish you a very spooky season and a boatload of candy, whether it’s to share with friends or for watching a horror movie alone at home on the 31st.

MHS Headlight reporter Aislin Freedman
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