Marblehead Cultural Council accepting grant proposals

The Marblehead Cultural Council is welcoming proposals for 2024.

As part of its mission to foster cultural enrichment, artistic endeavors and scientific exploration, the MCC will allocate substantial financial assistance to both individuals and nonprofit organizations in the community. These grants will aid in advancing projects in the arts, humanities and sciences.

The MCC has a noteworthy history of providing financial backing to a diverse array of initiatives.

Over the years, recipients have included live performances, immersive art installations, murals and educational field trips.

In line with its commitment to benefiting local residents and ensuring widespread accessibility, the council insists that all initiatives be accessible to the general public and create a positive impact on the Marblehead community.

A notable emphasis in this year’s selection process is on supporting emerging and established artists, alongside a focus on local venues. The MCC aims to encourage programming that is both racially and culturally diverse.

Applicants are encouraged to submit their proposals online at Questions can be directed to

The application deadline is set for Oct. 17.

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