LETTER: Saw superintendent’s long hours firsthand

To the editor:

Do you see that empty parking spot on top of the hill between the trees at the school administration office? That’s Dr. Buckey’s spot. It is directly across the street from my house and viewed from my top step. Throughout COVID and ever since, his spot has been filled every weekday, early mornings, long into evening hours, long hours on Saturdays, many hours on Sunday nights and long summer hours.

The superintendent’s parking spot

Buckey was at every event I attended for the kids. He was always there.

I am not posting to tell you about rights, wrongs, woulda-couldas, dislike him, like him… etc.

Given the location of my home, I have the unique perspective of seeing how hard Buckey worked for our community. THE HOURS. You won’t find someone who worked harder than he did… for you and our kids.

I told him one day in passing something to the effect of, “I’ll go to bat for you if it’s ever needed. I know without question you put everything you’ve got into that job.”

He thanked me and laughed… and today I am seeing that comment through.

Michael R. McCarthy

Cornell Road

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