LETTER: ‘What is the reasoning for turning our district upside down?’

To the editor:

This statement was meant to be read during public comment at the July 26 School Committee meeting that was abruptly adjourned.

I am troubled by the pattern of behavior that has emerged over the past few weeks. I, of all people, understand that it’s the M.O. of some members of this School Committee to get rid of anyone who does not fit into their agenda. They go to great lengths to destroy good people who have worked hard to improve our school district. These current actions have gone too far.

As a community member, parent, taxpayer and voter, I am here to ask: Why should we trust the decisions made by this School Committee? How can they make such impactful decisions behind closed doors while its members advocate for public input and open dialogue? We do not know why Dr. Buckey is being terminated. What events led up to these closed-door meetings? The decisions this committee is making are paralyzing our school system at a critical time and disrupting any progress we have made.

There are over 2,300 students in this district whose education this committee needs to think about, and not their own personal agenda. Our students have suffered through the COVID pandemic, are going into the 2023-24 school year with a reduced budget, and now this disruption that will take years to recover from.

What is your plan? What is the reasoning for turning our district upside down? We deserve to know.

Emily Barron

Pond Street

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