LETTER: School board has strayed from handbook’s guidance

To the editor:

I am a 20-plus-year resident of our beautiful town and love our sense of pride, community and
beautiful history. It is a sad day when my love of this town is being challenged by a group of
community members… our School Committee.

I have had the privilege of my three children going through the Marblehead Public School system
and have found Dr. Buckey to be one of the most engaging, open and communicative

He is driven to get to know our community, as a member of our Rotary Club and an ongoing contributor to the growth of our community. His participation and exceptional love of our town is evident.

For example, my daughter’s art was featured in an exhibit at Abbot Hall, and Dr. Buckey surprised us all with a trip to see the students’ artwork.

According to the Massachusetts Association of School Committees, it is “the responsibility of the school committee to inform, as well as to listen to, constituents” (source: https://www.masc.org/resources/member-handbook/).

I do not feel that our current School Committee informed nor listened to our community. I don’t recall any parent, educator or student group convened to review and/or discuss Dr. Buckey’s role.

It is important to acknowledge that leadership roles in education can be challenging, and nobody is without flaws. We should embrace a culture of continuous improvement and provide constructive feedback to help Dr. Buckey grow further as an educational leader.

I am writing to express my strong and sincere urging that you reconsider the decision to move forward with an early termination of Dr. Buckey’s contract. I believe it is essential to give him the opportunity and support he needs to continue his vital work in cultivating a positive, inclusive and successful academic environment for our students.

Together, we can support our current leadership and build a brighter future for our students.

Deb Payson

Arnold Terrace

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