Triumph on the water: Awards distributed at Marblehead Junior Race Week

Awards for the Marblehead Junior Race Week were distributed Wednesday afternoon. The waters of Marblehead Harbor bustled with activity this week as nearly 240 young sailors participated in the annual event.

Hosted by Pleon Yacht Club, the event showcased spirited competition across various fleets. Sailors from yacht clubs throughout New England, including those from Harraseeket in Maine and Hingham, Massachusetts, joined the races.

Here’s a roundup of the top performers, ordered from first place to third place, with photos provided by Celia Dressel:

420 Champ Fleet

The 420 is a two-person sailing dinghy known for its responsive handling and versatility. It’s a favorite in youth and high school sailing as well as club racing.

  1. Sander Skaane and Dylan Cafferty, Zingy 5.0, Pleon Yacht Club
  2. Aidan Golomb and Charlie Moore, Pleon Yacht Club
  3. Noah Reischmann and Oliver Clancy, Rocket Man, Trefethen-Evergreen

420 Green Fleet

  1. Henry and Audrey Smith, Hingham Yacht Club
  2. Lauren Tavares and Sydney DaSilva, Pleon Yacht Club
  3. George Green and Cecilia Adam, Trefethen-Evergreen Improvement Association

Laser Fleet

The Laser is a single-handed sailing dinghy, smaller than the Laser Standard. It’s popular among both male and female sailors, especially in youth and women’s events, thanks to its simplicity, speed and challenging nature.

  1. Oliver Grant, Brenton Cove Racing Program
  2. Max Dressel, Pleon Yacht Club
  3. Nicolas Regnault, Pleon Yacht Club

The Optimist is a compact, single-handed dinghy tailored for young sailors.

Opti Champ Fleet Overall and Red Division

  1. Beckett Kern, Lake Ontario Optimus Team
  2. Isabel Veiga, Lake Ontario Optimus Team
  3. Elinor Grant, Lake Ontario Optimus Team

Opti Champ Fleet Blue Division

  1. Simon Thompson, Lake Ontario Optimus Team
  2. George Alexopoulos, Lake Ontario Optimus Team
  3. Griffin Glennon, Hingham Yacht Club

Opti Champ Fleet White Division

  1. Maxwell Pulitzer, Kollegewidgwok Yacht Club
  2. Brendan Reardon, Hingham Yacht Club
  3. Hugo Garcia de Reynal, Harraseeket Yacht Club

Opti Green Fleet

  1. Finn Miller, Groton Long Point Yacht Club
  2. Ben Fava, Pleon Yacht Club
  3. Lil Kontos, Annisquam Yacht Club

For a comprehensive view of the results, visit Pleon Yacht Club’s results page. Marblegead Race Week for adults is now running through July 30.

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