Cinderella, Mario Brothers & pickleball fans join Horribles Parade

“I’m really, really, really, really happy!” exclaimed Jackson Mentuck, explaining how he felt after winning an award for his Super Mario Brothers costume in the Marblehead Horribles Parade on Sunday, July 9.

Jackson Mentuck, dressed as Luigi, walks in the Horribles Parade with his sister and friends, who are dressed as the other characters from Super Mario Brothers. CURRENT PHOTOS / CLAIRE TIPS

Parents and children dressed up in colorful costumes to walk the streets of Marblehead in the annual Horribles Parade. The event was postponed from its traditional July 4 date due to rain.

The parade route remained the same as it’s always been, starting and ending behind the National Grand Bank. Families and friends lined the streets with cameras in hand, waiting to take pictures of their loved ones in the parade.

William “Uncle Sid” Tracey leads the Horribles Parade playing ‘Marblehead Forever’ on his violin. 

Aside from Marblehead’s fire engine 2 and a few other vehicles, the only wheels seen in the parade were those on wagons, decorated with construction paper, streamers and paint. William “Uncle Sid” Tracey led the march, decked out in red, white and blue while playing his violin to the tune of “Marblehead Forever.”

The themes of this year’s parade were current events, original and historical/patriotic. A few notable costumes were the Lorax, Princess Leia and Han Solo. There was also a pickleball-themed group waving signs, including one that read “Don’t Get your Panties in a Pickle.”

Parents enjoyed walking in the Horribles Parade, as they blew
bubbles, pulled wagons and threw candy into the crowd. 

After the parade made its lap around the center of town, awards were handed out behind the National Grand Bank. Jackson Mentuck, Madison Mentuck and Will Reis won for their costumes as the characters from Super Mario Brothers. The three shared their experience of being in the Horribles Parade and how they came up with the idea behind their costumes. 

“[Jackson] and his sister came up with [the idea],” said Reis. “They asked me to do it with them.”

With a little help from their parents, Reis explained that the costume took him two days to complete, whereas Jackson and Madison worked a little longer on their part of the project. 

The group’s hard work paid off and all three of the Super Mario Brothers team said they loved walking in the parade. 

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