Vulgar, antisemitic graffiti discovered at Marblehead Village School

Police are investigating graffiti that includes vulgar and homophobic language and antisemitic symbols found at Marblehead Village School, Principal Mandy Murphy reported in an email to the public on Monday. 

“It is with great disappointment and frustration that I write to you concerning recent graffiti found on the roof and bricks of Village School,” said Mandy. “We immediately reported this to the police department and the superintendent.” 

She added, “While the area the graffiti was drawn on may not be seen by many students, it makes us sad to see the graffiti of such hate on our building.” 

Murphy said they are making security footage available to police. 

“We hope this was not one of our students and has become a police investigation,” Murphy wrote. “We reach out to you to inform you and let you know we take these hate crimes very seriously.” 

This is a developing news story. 

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