LETTER: A toast to a quieter new year

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To the editor: 

My husband was born in Marblehead. An accident of birth, he says with great pride. My roots are less glamorous as my family goes back to southern, mid-west farmers. However, I have been won over by the support of this community in my ten year battle to bring a little peace to this beautiful seaside town.

Marblehead is indeed special as she takes her place as one of 170 communities across the United States taking a stand for the environment and health. This summer we will see a break from the noise and pollution of one small tool but the implications are far greater. Maybe this brief respite will provide other benefits:

*An increase in pollinator plants in local gardens for insects and butterflies.

* A few leaves left under bushes and trees for birds to forage for food.

* A few leaves left to decompose around plants to compost as food for the soil and help retain moisture for the plants.

* Cleaner air for our children to breathe as they ride bikes or play outside.

* Quiet mornings where you can hear the sounds of birds or the ocean

* Neighbors feeling kindness toward each other rather than being divided by noise.

* Workers enjoy a much needed break from excessive loud noise that will eventually cause hearing loss.

Our town has an amazing group of dedicated environmentalists in Sustainable Marblehead.

They are working hard to reduce costs carbon emissions which is why this group supports our briefrespit this summer.

Marblehead is indeed an incredibly beautiful town but the people who make her a leader in our fight to save the planet are the real hero’s. 

Thank you for all you have done and all you do,

Beth Grader, Mill Pond

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