MHS boys’ soccer records historic win over Beverly

Last Friday, Sept. 9, the Marblehead High boys’ varsity soccer team sacrificed body and soul to come out victorious on one of the toughest fields to play in the Kingdom of the North.

Beverly threw the kitchen sink at our boys, but they withstood the Panther Tide with an unbreakable will, to never give up, and to protect our net ’til the last second.

Goalie Rory Zampese was not going to be denied a shutout, his toughness and spider reflexes inspiring his teammates to never surrender and push forward.

Our defense played like titans, shutting down every Panther entering their territory. Our midfielders attacked and defended with all their might, and our striking force applied pressure to every 50-50 ball there was to fight for.

Our sideline kept on encouraging their teammates ’til the cows came home. When the small window of opportunity opened, Matt Sherf and Marc Grazado took it and made their mark by scoring our two goals. How amazing and joyful that felt.

This was a great battle in the Kingdom of the North, and at the end, the Magicians stood tall, proud and full of joy, because on Sept. 9, they had defeated a giant that had not been beaten by a Marblehead team in over 20 years.

My assistant, Coach Roundy, and I are and will always be proud of what this extremely young squad accomplished that afternoon. If this is a sign of things to come, the future belongs to this young team, a true band of brothers who are making great memories together.

Our process is working. Our JV2 team defeated a tough Peabody team at Peabody 2-1. Our JV1 battled toe to toe with Beverly’s JV1 ’til the last second, but came up short.

We play as a family, we learn as a family, we respect each other and others, and we represent our community, school and families with the best sportsmanship possible.

On Sept. 14 at 4 p.m., both varsity and JV1 will face our crosstown rival, Swampscott, varsity at Piper Field, and JV1 at the Village School. On Tuesday, Sept. 13, JV2 was set to face the Danvers Falcons at the Village school.

If you can, come and support our young and hungry squads. Every cheer, every shout and every “let’s go, Marblehead” makes the will of our boys stronger!

On behalf of my entire coaching staff (JV2, Coach Acquafredda; JV1, Coach Greenwood; Varsity Assistant Coach Tom Roundy) and myself, thank you for your help and support. Be well, Be safe, Be happy!

Submitted by Elmer Magaña, MHS Spanish teacher and boys varsity soccer coach

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