LETTER: Diann Slavit Baylis gets constituent services

Constituent services are a vital part of a legislator’s job, and that (along with our shared priorities) is why I’m supporting Diann Slavit Baylis for state representative.  Diann’s experience as an immigration attorney, where she helps people navigate a complicated government bureaucracy, has prepared her well to intervene on behalf of constituents from this district who need their legislator’s help to resolve a problem or to access state services or programs.

While campaigning, Diann knocked on the doors of voters personally. As someone who accompanied her, I can attest to the fact that she genuinely cares about what each voter (and future constituent) has to say. This commitment to the citizens of our district, along with her promise to hold in-district office hours, shows Diann’s dedication to accessibility. That’s the kind of service we received from Lori Ehrlich, and I know that top-notch constituent services will continue if Diann is elected as our next state representative. – Alexis Earp, West Shore Drive

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