Marblehead News election letters policy

The Marblehead News welcomes letters to the editor related to the upcoming June 21 election, which will be accepted until noon on Monday, June 20.

Submission guidelines:  

Generally, letters should not exceed 500 words. The Marblehead News reserves the right not to publish submissions over the word limit and may instead return the letter to the writer for editing.

Letters must include:  

1. The author’s name. Unsigned letters and form letters will not be published. 

2. The name of the street the author lives on in Marblehead. Only the street name will be published next to the author’s name – not their full address.  

3. For every letter, we will need an author’s daytime/cell phone number (not for publication) for verification purposes.

Email submissions to

While the Marblehead News will make every effort to let writers have their say, it reserves the right not to publish letters.

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