MHS HEADLIGHT: Freshman class elections

Freshman students fill the auditorium, laughing and chatting excitedly. Murmurs of “Who are you gonna vote for?” and “I think he/she would be good…” are tossed around the room. Anticipation builds as the
candidates–Lucy Key, Jesslyn Roemer, and Lucy Rogers for Treasurer; Julia Betz, Shea Bickell, and Michael
Labossiere for Secretary; Callie Gilmore, Niko Mahan, and Felix Regnault for Vice President; and Max Kane
for President–make their way to their seats on the stage.

It is the Freshman Election for the class of 2027. The class elections are an important way to get involved in the school community, even for those who aren’t running. With a number of unfamiliar faces this early in the school year, the elections help us get to know each classmate. Those who run for office are doing something important and worthy of congratulations whether they win or lose. It takes courage and determination to risk losing and put your classmates before yourself, to run a campaign, write an inspiring speech, and deliver it in front of your peers. Through running for office, all candidates establish themselves as involved members of the school community, demonstrating that they care about their classmates’ high school experience.

Once the speeches begin, the auditorium falls quiet. Every speech is delivered with enthusiasm and eloquence.

All of the candidates carry themselves with dignity and grace as they deliver their speeches, starting with
introductions, then offering some combination of personal experience and motive to run, qualities and skills that differentiate candidates from their competitors, visions for the school, and closing statements.
The applause is immediate and encouraging. As the candidates present themselves and state their cause, we, the audience, are prompted to think about our own values and hopes for the year. Ultimately, being in the auditorium together for the elections and voting on who will represent the freshman class, evokes feelings of community, togetherness and camaraderie.

On October 5th, the election results are announced. Max Kane is President, Callie Gilmore is Vice President, Michael Labossiere is Secretary, and Lucy Rogers is Treasurer. All of the candidates did an incredible job and should be proud of themselves. “I was inspired to run (for Vice President) because I ran the Cornerstone Committee for two years (at Vets),” says Callie. She goes on to share, “I feel really happy that I can help our class and do fundraisers. I want to bring our class together by doing mini drives and activities.”

Visions of fundraisers, sporting events, games, and other team-building activities have been shared by those the freshman class has voted into office. It is clear that the class officers will work hard to make our school experience better, and they are willing to work with us, the class of 2027, to set our ideas in motion.

Congratulations to all of those who ran, to those elected to office, and to the entire student body!

MHS Headlight reporter Georgia Marshall
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