LETTER: School Committee meeting was ‘painful’

To the editor:

What can I say other than last night’s School Committee meeting was painful!! Note to self: you can not be late by one minute if you want to make a public comment.

#1: Still have not received an apology for calling stakeholders, “lunatics.” Don’t worry I never expected one!

#2: SEPAC and METCO will not be represented on the search committee. Good people of Marblehead, it shouldn’t surprise anyone. The School Committee from what I understand makes the sole decision. By law, they do not have to even extend a seat to anyone on the search committee. Just like a School Committee member did not have to reveal he was suing Dr. Buckey.

#3: This board was a hot mess last night concerning wording about the guidelines of how much homework each school gives. OY!! At St. John’s Prep, expect four to five hours even if you play sports, dance, etc.

#4. Sarah Fox stated she was misrepresented in the newspaper about her reaction to the upward turn in the MCAS. She explained that she hasn’t read all the breakdown of results. Well, here is a shout out to all the teachers, students and principals. JOB WELL DONE!! Wait a minute, who was instrumental in this success? Why, it’s Dr. Buckey and Nan Murphy and previous school committee members. Yup that includes Sarah Fox, she should of been yelling at the top of her lungs, YES! She did say she will make a comment next meeting. Thank you to all that guided us through the pandemic.

Last but not less, folks you ready for this one? This SC wants a workshop concerning communication. Hmmmm, didn’t Dr. Buckey want to work with a communications consultant? Well folks there it is, we have a newly seated School Committee that needs to get their act together and be more prepared. In just 37 days they got rid of a superintendent and in just three months they say we need help for all of us working and communicating better.

One last thing. PLEASE, please get microphones in the library so those in the audience can hear how you are getting along better. If not, trust me I know a couple of senior citizens who will be pulling their chairs closer next meeting.

One last thing. Thank you to all elected officials who are paid and those that are not. You chose to run for this committee so please refrain from speaking how busy you are in your personal and work lives. If you cannot balance all of these maybe you should step down.

Goodbye summer, hello fall!

Mary McCarriston

Pinecliff Drive

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