LETTER: ‘Facts are truths’

To the editor:

In “Whose Truth is it Anyway?” on Aug. 9, Virginia Buckingham poses the question – how can a fact be true or false? A fact (or should I say a real fact?) cannot be false. Facts are truths. It is statements that are true or false. Most statements come to us “as is” – like selling used merchandise. In my mind, proving any part of a statement false means that the statement is false. Half-truths and kernels of truth only complicate matters. If a statement is proved false, it means it is true that the statement is false, and a fact that the statement is false. If Virginia has humility, she’ll admit a failure to comprehend, and to a contradiction that makes it even more dubious to teach facts and opinions to kindergarteners.  Everything will be okay?

Tom Adams

Farrell Court

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