NEW: Superintendent’s lawyer sends ‘modified proposal’

The attorney for Superintendent John Buckey, Mike Long, tells the Current that he sent an email at 6:59 a.m. today with a “modified proposal” to the School Committee, which has met in two executive (private) sessions to discuss Buckey’s early termination.

School Committee Chair Sarah Fox confirmed that the committee’s attorney received the proposal, adding, “I believe she has responded.”

No details of the proposal are being disclosed.

Cathyann Swindlehurst of Marblehead has filed an open meeting law violation claim against the School Committee, asking that it hold a public meeting to discuss Buckey’s future. The School Committee has not given a reason for Buckey’s early termination to the public or to Buckey, according to Long.

One public meeting, on July 26, was adjourned after one minute and none of the more than 235 people who tuned in on Zoom had the opportunity to speak.

On June 6, the School Committee voted unanimously to give Buckey, who is in year three of a five-year contract, a “proficient” rating at his annual review. At public meetings on June 29 and July 6, there was no discussion about Buckey’s performance. Then, the committee scheduled an executive session on July 21 with an agenda that listed a discussion of Buckey’s “early termination.”

When asked about the complaint and the timing, Fox told the Current, “I will be putting this on a coming agenda which is the proper procedure. At that time, we will follow the steps outlined by the secretary of state to address all questions and claims on the complaint.”

She declined to answer further questions.

To see the timeline of recent events in the Buckey early termination controversy, visit HERE

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