‘Barbenheimer’ frenzy coming to Marblehead

The summer movie meme frenzy ‘Barbenheimer’ arrives in Marblehead this weekend, with the films and “Oppenheimer” and “Barbie” playing in a double feature at the Warwick Cinema at a discounted price. Both movies debuted last weekend.

“There will be one double feature on Saturday, starting at 6 p.m. starting with ‘Oppenheimer’. There will be a 15-minute intermission and then ‘Barbie’ will play,” Warwick co-owner Johnny Ray told the Current. The price for the double feature is $27.50, a 10% savings for the two movies, according to Ray.

 Noma Abd-Alla and her daughters, Amna (right) and Layla (center), take photos in the Barbie-box photo booth after seeing “Barbie” at the Warwick. CURRENT PHOTOS / CLAIRE TIPS

“I’m team Barbie!” said Noha Abd-Alla after seeing that movie with her two daughters, Layla and Amna, at the Warwick on Sunday. Barbie fans of all ages dressed in pink and packed the Warwick for multiple showings. 

 Carmen Marte and her daughters, Charlotte (left) and Cynthia (right), dressed up in pink, including their painted nails, to go see “Barbie” at the Warwick. 

“It’s a phenomenon,” Ray said. “All ages and diversities are enjoying Barbie mania. Haven’t seen anything like it since we’ve been operating the theater.”

The Warwick embraced the “Barbie” enthusiasm by decorating its lobby in pink, glitter and balloons. Local performer Matt Arnold even parked his pink Cadillac outside the theater.

A photobooth, modeled to look like a Barbie box, was set up so “Barbie” fans could stop and take a photo after seeing the movie. Among those fans were Noha, Layla and Amna, snapping photos and chatting with friends about their favorite parts of the movie. 

Layla told the Current that she loved the movie and would happily see it again. Her favorite character, of course, was Barbie played by Margot Robbie. Layla’s sister Amna, however, said Ken, played by Ryan Gosling, was her favorite. 

Pretty in pink: The Warwick decorates for “Barbie.”

Barbie is a worldwide sensation. Noha shared that she even played with Barbie dolls when she was little and living in Egypt. 

“[Barbie] is an international thing,” said Noha. “In some countries she wears different clothes and she has a different name.” 

“Oppenheimer” tells the story of the father of the atomic bomb, J. Robert Oppenheimer, and stars Cillian Murphy.

For more information about the ‘Barbenheimer’ showings , visit warwickcinemas.com/.

‘Barbie’ fans pose in front of a pink Cadillac outside the Warwick. COURTESY PHOTO

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