With OK from AG, gas leaf blower ban now in full effect

Marblehead residents can begin reporting violations of the town’s summer ban on gas leaf blowers to the police and health departments, according to a joint letter issued by Police Chief Dennis King, Health Agent Andrew Petty and Town Administrator Thatcher W. Kezer III July 20.

The letter was issued after the state attorney general approved the ban, which runs from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Before the ban could take full effect, the town clerk needed to post the bylaw in each of the town’s six precincts. That has been done, confirmed administrative aide Kyle Wiley, who added that the required notice about the bylaw is also posted on the town website.

Under the new bylaw, the use of electric leaf blowers is still permissible. When the police or Health Department respond to a report of a violation, a landscaper in violation of the bylaw will be required to stop using the gas leaf blower, but the homeowner will be responsible for any fine that is issued.

“Response time may be affected by priority emergency calls,” the letter notes.

The penalties for violating the leaf blower ban escalate from a written warning for a first violation, $100 for a second violation and $200 for a third or subsequent violation.

“The Town is asking for residents to follow the leaf blower restrictions, the same as all Bylaws passed at Town Meeting and approved by the AG, regardless of where you stand on the issue,” the letter concludes.

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