LETTER: Voting for Baker, Gold in June 20 election

We would like to express our excitement and gratitude to Paul Baker for stepping up to run for school committee. Paul will bring a level of experience to the School Committee that we find to be invaluable. From previously owning a small local business to his vast experience as Head of Devereux and Devereux@Waring to being a member of the Board of Trustees at Marblehead Community Charter School, Paul will bring innovative and collaborative plans to the table. We got to know Paul because he is also an informed member of our community who regularly attends meetings and keeps on top of accurate information pertaining to the district. Paul will bring fresh experienced eyes to the issues that face Marblehead Public Schools.

We are also gratefully casting our second vote as one to re-elect Sarah Gold for School Committee. Sarah has worked tirelessly over the last 5 years to dig our schools out of chaos. She has advocated for our schools and the asks of our district administration tirelessly. As a licensed mental health professional Sarah also understands the social and emotional issues of our students and staff. Sarah is a presence in our community along with her husband and two sons currently attending Marblehead Public Schools. While there is no doubt that there is work to be done, our community must admit that we have come a long way from where the school department was 5 years ago.

Marblehead residents have been speaking to how we got to this place of financial hardship and by electing Paul and Sarah we are confident it will not be a move backward in time to a place where mismanagement and disarray were present in the school budget. We have confidence the schools will be propelled forward on the momentum that has been built over the last few years.

We are parents of a child that is a member of a vulnerable community and find ourselves often the target of hate, misinformation, and bullying. We even became the target of especially vicious attacks in our own community when Reece ran for school committee last year. Just this past week we were incredibly disheartened to learn that a well-loved and respected educator who lives in our community has been similarly targeted. Sarah and Paul are the two candidates that have proven to be inclusive and supportive of ALL members of our community.

We thank Sarah Gold and Paul Baker for stepping up for the students of Marblehead and we are honored to cast our votes for them on June 20.

Reece and Christopher Dahlberg
Fieldbrook Road

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