LETTER: Karin Ernst ‘best individual’ for Rec and Parks Commission

To the editor:

I am writing to urge the people of Marblehead to support Karin Ernst as the best individual for the Parks and Recreation Commission. Karin is a dedicated member of our community, and I have had the pleasure of working with her both in my professional life and as a member of our church. She has chaired several initiatives through our church that have had a tremendous positive effect not only on our community but on several communities here in Massachusetts and beyond. Karin is the driving force behind the wonderfully successful Clifton Lutheran Church Annual Pumpkin Patch, which not only brings joy to the community but also supports workers involved in the program in New Mexico.

Currently, I serve on a committee with Karin that helps feed and support local families through the Manna Project. She is organized, forward-thinking, professionally direct, and works within concrete budgets. Karin is mindful of the members of our committee and community. She understands what people need and has a vision for how to accomplish tasks to fill those needs.

Karin’s previous experience advocating for members of the community will be evident in the role of Parks and Recreation Commission. She has an optimistic vision of the needs of our community and plans to create programming that will keep our community engaged, involved, and supported while maintaining the natural beauty of our town.

Abigail Anderson

Beverly Avenue

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