Letter to the editor: Light Commissioner Adam Smith has the insight and skills we need

To the editor:

Last fall, I was one of eight Marblehead residents who interviewed with members of the Select Board and Marblehead Light Commission to fill a vacant commission seat. I was not selected. The nine-member joint committee picked Adam Smith instead.

Despite this, I have remained interested in the work of the Light commissioners (including serving on a subcommittee) as they, along with GM Joe Kowalik, grapple with current and future supply and infrastructure challenges. After watching their work over several meetings, it has become clear to me that the joint committee made the right choice in selecting Adam.

Adam is thoughtful, even keeled, and has the insight and skills we need on the Light Commission. He has worked tirelessly to get up to speed quickly and contribute to the strategic oversight of the Light Department. Adam has the long view of how we are going to meet the challenges of increasing electricity demand as Marbleheaders embrace electrical conversion of their cars, home heating systems and more. 

Delivering the best and least expensive electricity to Marblehead is a strategic challenge requiring a broad perspective. As someone who has worked in the tech field for many years for Google and now at Jasper AI, we need Adam’s technical expertise and world view to ensure that our local electricity distribution system works as designed and to avoid a crisis.

The perspective and hard work Adam brings to the Commission is fortunately shared by Lisa Wolf, up for re-election to a second three-year term. I urge all voters to choose Adam Smith and Lisa Wolf for Light Commission on June 20.

Peter Barnet
11 Hibbard Road

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