2023 “From the Candidate”: Lisa Wolf


“An environmental engineer by training with experience in sustainability and energy efficiency, Lisa Wolf is running for a second three-year term on the Marblehead Light Commission. The
Commission oversees the work of the town’s municipally owned and operated Light Department, which provides electricity to all Marblehead residents.

‘For the past 120 years, our Light Department has demonstrated its commitment to providing reliable and affordable electricity to our town,’ Wolf said in describing her run. ‘The Department is now making decisions in a rapidly changing energy landscape with new technologies, urgent concerns about rising greenhouse gas emissions and increasing grid vulnerability. I am running for a seat on the Light Commission because I bring valuable experience and an important perspective to help the Department meet its current and future challenges.’

As a fourth generation Marbleheader with family roots dating back to the early 1900s, Wolf says she is vested in the town’s energy stability and security. Married with two grown children, she and her husband designed and built the town’s first net zero energy house which was featured in Sustainable Marblehead’s recent Green Homes Tour.

Wolf currently serves as sustainability coordinator for the town of Wellesley’s Municipal Light Plant where she says she has gained valuable insights into how to maximize economic return from sustainability initiatives such as battery storage, peak demand management and electrification.
Previously, she taught physics, engineering, chemistry and environmental sciences at Beverly High School for 10 years. “As an educator, I understand the importance of being able to communicate complex concepts and collaborate with people who hold different points of view,” she says. During her first term, Wolf focused on strategic planning and sustainability and became a member of the Green Marblehead Committee, which is helping the town meet its goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2040. She currently serves as vice-chair of the Marblehead Light Commission.

‘The goals of keeping rates low, keeping the power on and meeting state requirements for more clean energy are not incompatible,” she says. “By purchasing less expensive non-carbon emitting electricity, promoting energy efficiency to lower costs for individual households and shifting customer energy use away from peak demand times when we’re forced to purchase the most expensive and dirtiest fuel, we can reduce costs and lower rates.’

More information about Lisa Wolf is available at voteforlisawolf.com. Election day is Tuesday, June 20. Early voting by mail is available for voters who are unable to vote that day or in person. Voters must request a ballot via the Secretary of State’s website and return the ballot by June 16 at 5 p.m.”

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