Chief of Marblehead Water and Sewer, DPW to kick off speaker series

In partnership with the Marblehead League of Women Voters, Abbot Public Library will present a series of lectures on Marblehead town government, providing the opportunity for town residents to learn about how individual departments work within the municipality and have their questions answered. This program will be offered in person and on Zoom.

The series kicks off on Monday May 15 at 6:30 p.m. at the Abbot Public Library at Eveleth School. The first speaker is Amy McHugh, the superintendent for the Water and Sewer Commission, which oversees the water distribution and wastewater collection systems in Marblehead.

In addition to her duties as superintendent, McHugh was recently appointed director of public works. Public works consists of the Highway, Storm Water, Tree and Fleet Mechanical departments.

The Department of Public Works’ mission is to maintain and improve the town’s public ways, stormwater infrastructure, public shade trees, town vehicular fleet, and to coordinate public way snow and storm operations in a safe, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable manner.

Residents should register on the Abbot Public Library website,

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