LETTER: Support of audit of Legislature well-stated

To the editor: 

Thanks to Cathy Marie Michael and Judith Black for their thoughtful letter (“DiZoglio obligated to audit Legislature,” April 12) regarding state Auditor Diana DiZoglio’s “bravery in announcing her intent to conduct the first audit of the state legislature in 100 years.”

I had newspaper clippings about DiZoglio’s intention piled next to my computer but hesitated writing for fear I wouldn’t be able to articulate clearly the issue within the word count needed. I’m a Democrat, but I’m not pleased with the actions of the Democratic speaker of the house and the current Democratic president of the Senate.

Michael and Black did a beautiful job succinctly articulating key points and threats to transparent democratic justice in the Commonwealth.

I suggest they send a copy of their letter to The Boston Globe so that others can clearly see why we should all support DiZoglio in her efforts to uphold a democratic legislative process and maintain proper controls over those who seek to keep hold of power. 

Ginny O’Brien

Garden Road

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