SEASON IN REVIEW: Marblehead gymnasts secure three winter wins

In Shelby McKie’s second season as gymnastics co-op coach, Marblehead High’s Magicians once again teamed with their Swampscott neighbors and this winter secured three wins, over Salem, Beverly and Peabody.

The Marblehead-Swampscott co-op gymnastics team earned three wins this winter, over Salem, Beverly and Peabody. COURTESY PHOTO

A gymnast herself for about 16 years, who competed on both the YMCA and Peabody Veterans Memorial High School teams until going off to college in 2017, McKie also coaches recreational gymnastics at the Lynch-van Otterloo YMCA for children ages 1-12.

“Coaching high school gymnastics is very different from the rules to the athletes, who are only practicing twice a week while squeezing in six to 10 meets every winter,” McKie said.

McKie’s team goal for this year was simply to have fun.

“High school athletes should always have a great time playing sports, while also making new friends and building a supportive team,” the coach said.

McKie continued, “Though we had no athletes continue on to postseason meets this year, two of our gymnasts — Katie Colette and Jamie Andrews — placed as event all-stars during the NEC Meet on Feb. 11, hosted by the Sterling YMCA in Beverly.”

Tamia Johnson and Celine Uhrich were the captains of this year’s team.

“They did an awesome job ensuring their last (scholastic) year was a great one. All the girls felt welcomed and empowered, because of them,” said McKie. “As we look ahead to next year, I think our seniors are going to be some of our key performers. It will be our biggest senior group in a few years, and I’m excited to see how they do in their final season.”

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