In Marblehead, dangerous dog investigation opened

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The town is investigating incidents involving an alleged dangerous dog on Pickwick Road.

At its Jan. 18 meeting, the Marblehead Select Board opened an investigation into an alleged dangerous dog at 45 Pickwick Road.

At Police Chief Dennis King’s request, the board tasked Town Administrator Thatcher Kezer with investigating the situation. He will report his findings to the Select Board in a public hearing, before which there will be at least 10 days notice.

Select Board Chair Moses Grader and Kezer were unable to provide resident Jodi Smith, who lives on Pickwick Road, with a specific date for the public hearing.

“I was actually here because I was under the impression that we’d actually get the date for the dangerous dog hearing,” Smith said.

Kezer said they would work “calendar magic” and coordinate the schedules of all the necessary participants.

Smith is anxious for the public hearing to happen, citing two incidents with the dog that she said had occurred in early December and January.

She asked if the dog would be sequestered in its home before the public hearing.

“My sense would be that that would be a discussion with the animal control officer and the chief at this stage as to what would be the appropriate action until there’s a hearing and a determination,” Kezer replied.

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