LETTER: Marblehead task force condemns Club Q shooting

To the editor:

On Nov 19, 2022 a deadly shooting occurred that left five dead and more than 19 injured at Club  in Colorado Springs,Colo. The Marblehead Select Board Task Force Against Discrimination condemns this and all other acts of violence against the LGBTQ community. 

The Club Q shooting took place on the eve of National Transgender Day of Remembrance, which is a day set aside to reflect and honor the transgender individuals who have lost their lives due to violence.

We condemn the increase of hateful anti-transgender rhetoric and legislation that is sweeping the country, including bomb threats that continue to terrorize staff and patients at Boston Children’s Hospital for providing affirmative care to transgender patients.

The members of TFAD stand beside and offer our love, strength and support to the LGBTQ community of Marblehead and beyond. We appreciate and acknowledge the brave heroes that emerged to protect the fellow patrons during the Club Q shooting. These Allies and community members jumped into action and bravely saved lives. 

TFAD firmly believes that everyone deserves dignity, respect, safety and the right to exist in the world without fear of violence. TFAD will continue to strive to help create a community in Marblehead where all are welcome and celebrated.


Marblehead Selectboard Task Force Against Discrimination members

Helaine Hazlett, co-chair

Diane Gora, co-chair

Deacon John E. Whipple

Christopher Bruell

Candice Sliney 

Reece Dahlberg

Scott Marcus

Mabel Sliney

Saria Miller

Marblehead Police Chief Dennis King, ex officio member

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