LWV OBSERVER REPORT: Disability Commission, Sept. 8, 2022

Marblehead League of Women Voters
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The Marblehead News is pleased to be supplementing its coverage of public meetings with Observer Reports provided by volunteers from the Marblehead League of Women Voters. To learn more about the League and its activities, see my.lwv.org/massachusetts/marblehead.

Board: Disability Commission

Date: Thursday, Sept. 7, 2022

Observer: Nancy Powell

Attendance: Laurie Blaisdell (chair), Sue Harris, Amy Hirschcron, Cheryl LaLonde, Samantha Marino, Rich Ramos

Meeting highlights:

  • An update was provided related to the granting of the Disabilities Commission’s request to have representation on the new Remote Access Implementation Committee that Town Meeting approved earlier this year, related to public meetings.
  • The Disabilities Commission will also be participating in the Harbor Plan Working Group through its representative, Amy Hirschcron.
  • Telephone poles that have been installed within sidewalks and curb cuts, forcing wheelchair users to move into the street in order to pass, were called to the attention of the Light Department general manager.
  • Blaisdell reported on her meeting with the building commissioner about the need for all relevant town departments to consult with the Disability Commission for review of ADA guidelines before permits are issued for new commercial projects, an offer that was “welcomed.”
  • An update was given on ongoing discussions with the Recreation & Parks to improve access for disabled people to public parks.

Read the full report below.

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