Marblehead, Swampscott real estate transfers, Aug. 29 – Sept. 2, 2022


Carl Iannacci and Jennifer C ManginiTodd Tremblay$1,950,0002 Clipper WayAug. 31
FT and Virginia O’BrienJay and Lynda Shuman $785,0002 Garden RoadSept. 2
Michael Maniaci Marion Sloan $720,0004 Mystic RoadAug. 31
Jacob and Nicole Nassau Bartlett Ayer 2019 Tand Benjamin L Ayer$1,005,00011 Dodge RoadSept. 1
Louis and Lindsay Williams Deborah Lam $785,00015 Westminster RoadAug. 31
Andrew Willis and Alison HayesLauren James $1,060,00018 Oak StSept. 1
Laura Frank and Meagan VerdeyenJule Stiles-Matuschak and Randall Stiles$71900018 Taft St. Au.g. 30
Madelyn and Zachary LightPlatcow Family 1994 RT$72500033 Jane RoadAug. 31
Andrew Snigirev and Iryna KryvnyutPamela and John Doring $1150000
59 Leicester Rd
Sept. 1
Emily and reid Gray Kimberly and David McCullough $3,100,00075 Beach St. Aug. 29


Christopher and Julianna Donovan Jennifer and Thomas Coffey$925,0001 Lexington ParkAug. 31
Marti Hall Lt and Marti Hall Arthur Maxman FT and Melanie Ata $800,00016 Sutton Place Aug. 29
Aron Stubbins and Thais BittarLeonid and Olga uperman$1,225,00017 Priscilla RoadAug. 31
Aabida Saferali and Matthew Clancy Rosa Diaz and Paul Hoover$835,00020 Mapledale PlaceSept. 2
Gemma Galivene and Ryan FanningBrian Dohm and Laura Koppes $546,00033 Eastman Ave. Sept. 2
Christopher and Season SwartzKevin and Marie Munnelly $830,00033 Winshaw RoadAug. 31
Michelle Berny Lang and Christopher Lane Noel McGinn RET$960,00038 Sheridan RoadAug. 31
Laura Lynn and Emmett LynnJason and Katie Koelewyn$560,00040 Hampden St. Sept. 2
Rober Erwin and Sara ZorziThsis Bittar and Aron Stubbins$669,000521 Humphrey St. Aug. 30
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