Recount confirms Yarmoff as winner in Marblehead Light Commission race

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The winning margin of new Marblehead Light Commissioner Jean-Jacques Yarmoff only expanded in a recount held July 11 at Marblehead High School.

Initially declared the winner of one of two seats in the June 21 annual election by a 19-vote margin in the June 21 election over incumbent commissioner Walter Homan, Yarmoff added nine votes in the recount while Homan lost five, bringing the final margin to 33 votes, 2,633 to 2,600.

Back on July 5, the town’s Board of Registrars had met on July 5 to examine the petitions and statements Homan had submitted to request the recount formally and found that they met the requirements of the state’s procedure, which mandated Homan to obtain at least 10 signatures from each precinct.

Yarmoff had previously been sworn in as a commissioner, despite the prospect of a recount.

The election was affected by a town-wide ballot shortage, which continues to be investigated by the Election Division of the Secretary of the Commonwealth William Galvin’s office.

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