Marblehead Animal Shelter welcomes ‘Adopt A Cat Month’

This adorable pair is part of the ‘Drummer Kittens’ litter currently up for adoption at the Marblehead Animal Shelter.

During National Adopt a Cat Month, every June, hundreds of felines find a forever home, thanks to the constant campaigning done by numerous cat lovers across the U.S., and volunteers at the Marblehead Animal Shelter hope this year is no different.

Since June is considered kitten season, a lot of cats end up homeless when their owners are unable to find them a home. Seeing this influx in cats brought to the shelters, many campaigns for cat adoption started in June.

Why should you adopt a cat? Because they are harmless and loving creatures who are easy to keep as pets and provide some of the best cuddles at night, say Marblehead Animal Shelter volunteers.

The National Adopt a Cat Month was formed by American Humane 45 years ago in order to encourage people to stop buying cats and instead adopt them from shelters.

The month selected for the adoption drive was June, since a lot of cats tend to reproduce during this month — and since a cat can birth up to seven kittens, it’s not a surprise that most of them often end up in animal shelters. Sure enough, the Marblehead Animal Shelter is currently the temporary home of several litters of kittens, all waiting to find their forever homes.

Seeing how shelter cats are deprived of a loving environment, American Humane launched this adoption month in the hopes of spreading awareness regarding the rescuing and adoption of cats.

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