ICE HONORS: Friends of Marblehead Hockey announce new Hall of Famers

The Friends of Marblehead Hockey held their biennial Bud Orne Golf Tournament at Tedesco Country Club this past Monday. A full field of hockey enthusiasts, both men and women, enjoyed the afternoon scramble. The winning team, determined by a match of cards tie breaker, was the team of Trevor Jones, Will Jones, Sarah Mannelly and Mike Daleiden with a score of 11 under par.

Brittany Smith and Rachel McKay were inducted into the Friends of Marblehead Hockey Hall of Fame.  COURTESY PHOTOS

After golf and a cookout, the Friends honored this year’s Hall of Fame Inductees: Rachel McKay, Brittany Smith and the 2011 Division III state champion MHS boys hockey team. Rachel McKay was a prolific scorer, leader and mentor for the Marblehead High girls hockey team. In her four years with the “Lady Headers” she was a captain and scored a total of 98 points placing her fifth on the all-time scoring list. Her teammate and two- year captain, Brittany Smith, also exhibited superior skill and leadership qualities. Brittany scored 107 points in locking up fourth place on the historic scoring list.

Brittany attended Manchester Essex High School, class of 2014, and played with Marblehead via the co-op arrangement; however, she showed her true loyalty to Marblehead by assuming the head coach position of the girls team for the years 2020- 2023. Rachel and Brittany faced off against each other in college while playing for Hobart/ William Smith and Sacred Heart, respectively.

The 2011 Marblehead boys team is without a doubt the most successful team in program history. With a record of 21-4-3, this talented team bulldozed their way through the playoffs to win Marblehead’s only state title in ice hockey. Led by captains Ryan Dempsey, Jake Kulevich, Ben Koopman and Chris McLeod, the Headers outscored their opponents in five state tournament games by a 25-11 margin.

In the championship game they outshot Westfield 42-14. There was solid goaltending by Tony Cuzner and Mike Harper was the kingpin of a strong defense. When the team drew a penalty, they had a fearsome power play unit that converted a high percentage of their opportunities.

The 2011 Marblehead boys team is without a doubt the most successful team in program history.

Other members of the team include: Ian Maag, Cam Rowe, Tom Koopman, Hunter Graves, Liam Gillis, Brendon Lydon, Tyler Gelineau, Will Hughes, Alex Whitmore, Hunter Whitmore, Ben Katzman, Ty Bates, Austin Haley, Joe Newall, Trevor Jones, Harrison Young and Aaron DeAngelo. Coaches Bob Jackson, Mark Tarmey, Tom Colby, Gary Conn and Pat Flynn handled the induction speeches, including thanking team managers Jack Clough and Tom Sullivan.

During the evening festivities, the Friends were also very pleased to learn of a significant donation from the estate of Richard Bridgeo. Richard’s son, Dick, announced a gift of $250,000 to perpetuate the Friends’ mission. Dick Bridgeo, Sr., skated with his mates on Bobby’s Pond, Redd’s Pond, Black Joe’s or wherever the ice was suitable. The self-titled Barnegat Bruins team took on all challengers in the early 1940s before there was organized youth hockey or high school hockey. He was a lifelong fan who attended Bruins games into his 90s and he was thrilled to be present to see the 2011 team capture the state title.
The Friends of Marblehead Hockey is a 501(c) non-profit organization with a mission to promote and foster interest in skating and particularly the game of hockey. Support is given to Marblehead Youth Hockey, the high school hockey programs and scholarships for college attendance are. There is a 99% certainty that Bridgeo’s donation will be matched soon.

The 2011 Marbehead boys team won the town’s only state title in ice hockey.

The Friends stand ready with their “Headers for Home Ice” fundraising campaign to advance the dream of a facility in Marblehead that would include a rink. The Board of the Friends which includes John and Dee Vigneron, Dana and Merry Tufts, Sean Dempsey, Gary Bartlett, Tom Colby, Anthony Delvento, Scott Garfield, Rafe Hershfield, Frank Hart, Bob Jackson, Frankie James, Emily Ries and Tom Roundy, want to thank all of the sponsors, volunteers and contributors that help to make the Bud Orne Golf Tournament and the organization a success.

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