They were ripe for a win: Speedy Bananas taste victory for first time

It was a huge team effort from the Speedy Bananas on Aug. 8 as they won their first game ever, 3-2, against the mighty Silver Bullets.

The summer of 2023 is the Speedy Bananas’ first season in the MAC Coed Softball League, and the team had gone 0-4 prior to Aug. 8.

The scoreboard memorializes an historic night for the Speedy Bananas. COURTESY PHOTO

Anthony Ring and Jay Reis pitched incredibly and kept the Bullets chasing all night. Stacey Schweihs, Amy James and Katie Ring caught for the Speedy Bananas and didn’t allow a single runner to advance on a passed ball or wild pitch.

Kristen Hench and Emily Hudak held the corners, while Allison Heenan and Andrew Schweihs played a remarkable second base. King Speedy Banana himself, Frankie James, played great at shortstop while Mike McCarthy strives only to lead the league in high-fives.

The outfield was platooned by Judy Flynn, Kristen and Chris Buchanan, Kate and Mike Aslinger, Andrew Hench and Justin Epstein.

With no outs in the bottom of the seventh inning, Brian “Hulk” Heenan made a diving catch in center field to set the stage in the final frame and close down the Silver Bullets.

Bench coach and game night manager John Flynn was asked about his hurt ankle, and he responded, “A bruised banana is still best for bread baking. And tonight the bananas baked a victory cake.”

Also on the roster but not in attendance were Speedy Banana standouts Angie Allan, Aimee Flynn, Alyssa Brothers, Melissa Epstein, Ashley and Tom McMahon.

The Speedy Bananas love playing in the MAC Softball League and can’t wait for their next opponent to try to climb the banana tree and peel them back down.

It was a total team effort as the Speedy Bananas final cracked the win column in their first season in the MAC Coed Softball League. COURTESY PHOTO
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