2023 “From the Candidate”: Thomas Massaro


“I am a candidate for an open position on the Board of Health. My initial education through the Ph.D was as a chemical engineer. My biomedical engineering research eventually encouraged me to seek the MD degree. After residency and fellowship, I joined the faculty at the University of Virginia (UVA).

I eventually went to business school where I came to appreciate the challenges of health policy, health care management and public health. That portfolio of interests led to my holding appointments in pediatrics, public health sciences, the law school, and the business school, and to my being awarded the Harrison Foundation Professor of Medicine and Law endowed chair at UVA.

After retiring from UVA, I served as the founding dean of the University of Botswana School of Medicine, and more recently, during the pandemic, I held the position of chief medical officer in the New Mexico Department of Health.

Recently, my wife took a job at Salem State which brought me to Marblehead. I am impressed by the unique and dynamic environment here and I would welcome the opportunity to contribute to the town as a member of its Board of Health.

I see public health as a complicated mixture of medical science and social policy which to be successful requires an open, honest and ongoing dialogue with populations being served. My background has provided me with a skill set that allows me to deal with high level strategic decisions and, when necessary, to coordinate day-to-day operational activities on the ground. I understand the nuances of public health policy and as an experienced teacher I believe I can communicate the issues and subtleties involved to the broader community.

I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you.

Thank you,


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