2023 “From the Candidate”: Jennifer Schaeffner


“My name is Jenn Schaeffner, and I am excited to announce my candidacy for one of two seats

open this year for the Marblehead School Committee. Much went into my decision to run for

office, and I want to take this opportunity to share my thoughts with the community.

Marblehead is at a crossroads. We have witnessed mismanagement in the town financial

department, crumbling infrastructure, lost revenue  and the need for more affordable housing.

But our schools are faced with an even greater challenge: significant student learning loss and

the social and emotional struggles of our children.

If elected, I will work with the School Committee and administration to focus on the following


● Stop and reverse learning loss

● Create a culture that celebrates maximizing student achievement

● Promote programming that incentivizes strengthening student resiliency, independence

and critical thinking

● Insist, starting immediately, on a zero-based budget that creates budgets for each school

building from scratch based on existing student headcount, needs and appropriate

staffing levels

● Develop a long term plan to improve Marblehead’s educational offerings and bring back

current out-of-district placements so as many students as possible can be educated in

their hometown community

My background consists of over 20 years in financial services, banking and tax preparation, 16

years as a small business owner, 12 years as a parent leader and four years as a Marblehead

School Committee member.

As a parent leader, I served as an officer for the elementary, middle and high school

PTOs/PCOs and as co-chair of the Special Education Advisory Council (SEPAC). While on the

School Committee, I served as the special education liaison and the vice chair as well as on the

policy, budget and facilities subcommittees and on multiple school advisory councils.

I attended the Marblehead Public Schools as did both of my children. My husband and I are

deeply committed to this town and to helping it remain the vibrant, dynamic and historic

community it has always been. My goal in running for School Committee is simple: to improve

our schools so that they can do the best possible job educating students who are strong,

resilient, independent critical thinkers and prepared for secondary education, vocations or

military service with a desire to return to their roots to raise the next generation of


I respectfully ask for your vote on Tuesday June 20, 2023, for Marblehead School Committee.”

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