LETTER: Tristan Smith knows people, people like you

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I first came to know Tristan when he accompanied his mother on a food drive for local food pantries. He assisted in obtaining donations from shoppers at the Stop and Shop. Tristan, a teenager at the time, was eager to ask one and all to contribute, and engaged especially well with children, helping them to put donations into the collection basket.

In both high school and college, Tristan was an accomplished athlete in track and field, jumping hurdles and other such events. He is giving back by coaching and training high school students in Lynn. As he transfers knowledge and experience to the student-athletes, he has become even more aware of the great divide between diverse families and the mainstream. He wants to help them more and that is one of his strong motivations for running for this public office. He will work to improve the lives of families throughout the district. He pursued further education and graduated summa cum laude from Salem State University, followed by obtaining a law degree from Suffolk University. This background increases his ability to navigate the intricacies of the laws of the Commonwealth and the rules of the Massachusetts State House of Representatives, for which seat he seeks your vote.

So why would former Rep. and State Sen Tom McGee endorse this young man? Because as former Mayor of Lynn, he knows Tristan will work to remedy the incredible problems of local and regional public transportation. He knows that Tristan will join other local Representatives and leaders to insist that the state prioritize and quickly complete the electrification of the Commuter Rail, lower fares and increase the number of people using public transportation instead of individual automobiles.

Why would Sen. Ed Markey support Tristan? He knows of Tristan’s dedication to a green economy and decreasing pollutants that add to global warming and climate change. Tristan supports increased incentives for solar and wind power use which will further reduce pollution.

Family for Tristan means a great deal. As a young child, he accompanied his father and mother to political assemblies. So, yes Tristan has encountered and interacted with many elected officials. They came to know Tristan as an enthusiastic and curious teenager and young adult. He began participating in local politics by joining the Swampscott Democratic Town Committee, for some periods being the only young adult member.

Yes, Tristan knows many people. His first concern is the people in this district of Swampscott, Marblehead and two precincts in Lynn. Your concerns are his concerns. Your family means as much to him as his own. – Stephen Iannaccone, Rock Avenue, Swampscott

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