LETTER: Minimize on-the-job training. Elect Armini.

In a field of promising candidates, Jenny Armini stands out, when you compare their background and experience. As a UVA government major and a grad of the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, she has the educational foundation to critically analyze policy and write legislation. Having worked on Capitol Hill and Beacon Hill, Jenny know what it takes to pass legislation and respond to constituent needs.

Our district has been a year without a seat at the table of government, we need to minimize the time for “on-the-job training”. With Jenny Armini we would get a representative who has actually already worked in the legislative and political arena in a substantive way and has excellent communication skills. She has also served as the Communications Director for Mass Inc., a non-partisan think tank.

Besides having the qualifications to serve it’s essential that our representative have the ability to work collaboratively and have a real commitment to addressing the challenges of climate, affordable housing, transportation and education. Jenny will be ready and able to make sure the 8th Essex gets the resources we need. She will “get stuff done” to quote Mayor Kim Driscoll. Lastly, she gets my vote because constituents and not special interests will have her ear and we will always be her first priority. – Renee Keaney, Beverly Avenue

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