Glover’s Marblehead Regiment to bring 18th century back to Fort Sewall Saturday

Glover’s Marblehead Regiment is pleased to announce the return of its Revolutionary War Living History Encampment to Fort Sewall in Marblehead this Saturday, July 9.

From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., visitors can travel back in time to the 18th century. Admission is free.

See the fort: See Fort Sewall will be transformed into a busy military camp, bustling with soldiers and sailors as well as civilian townspeople and camp followers. Visitors can explore newly restored fort structures and learn about the role of the fort in times of conflict.

Meet the people: Visitors can also speak with men and women of the 18th century and learn about the history of Glover’s Marblehead Regiment. Hear how they saved the Revolution, not once but three times, culminating in their role in Washington’s crossing of the Delaware.

Immerse yourself in history: Tour the Regiment’s 18th-century military camp and see 18th-century trade demonstrations, including musket ball making, marlinspike work, medicine, candle making, laundry, food preparation, and militia musket drills.

Visitors will hear music, including fife-and-drum concerts from throughout the day, and can refresh themselves with 18th-century snacks, shop for 18th-century wares from the Regiment’s sutler, and buy modern regimental swag.

Children will, on two occasions during the day, have the opportunity to sign up with the Regiment, and then drill and march to the beat of a drum alongside Regiment members.

Two skirmishes between the Crown forces and Continental militia will be played out on the shoreline and streets of Marblehead as Glover’s Regiment holds its annual encampment Saturday.

Visitors can also witness what happens when British soldiers and Royal Navy sailors attempt to send foraging parties ashore in Marblehead and watch as two skirmishes between the Crown forces and Continental militia are played out on the shoreline and streets of Marblehead.

Late in the afternoon, visitors can also watch a musket-firing contest, and join with the Regiment’s soldier sailors as they regale the public with sea chanteys.

“For all of this, we ask nothing but your interest and perhaps a donation to the Regiment so we may continue our mission to keep the revolutionary spirit alive in the 21st century,” the Regiment says.

Program of events

10 a.m.: Cannon/musket salute. Camp opens to public with tours and craft stands.

10:15 a.m.: March through town with music; rendering honors at General Glover’s Home.

10:45 a.m.: Cannon/musket salute to signal impending landing by HM Forces. Call to Assembly.

11 a.m.: Tactical at Fort Beach with HM Forces.

11:45 a.m.: Children’s drill

Noon: Cannon/musket salute. Camp and craft stands close to the public.

1 p.m.: Cannon/musket Salute to re-open camp

2 p.m.: Cannon/musket salute. Call to Assembly, tactical with HM Forces on Gas House Beach, camp closes to public.

3 p.m.: Cannon salute, camp re-opens. Children’s drill.

4 p.m.: Cannon/musket salute, followed by Last Man Standing contest

5 p.m.: Cannon/musket salute to close camp followed by sea chanteys.

Glover’s Marblehead Regiment is a non-profit historical reenacting group honoring the original the 14th Continental Regiment led by Col. John Glover during the American War of Independence. Reborn during the 1976 Bicentennial as an historical unit to represent Marblehead, GMR today is a leading member of the Continental Line, a distinguished society of historical interpretation groups that seeks to promote events with historical accuracy and safety. For more information, see

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