Love is in the air!

Over here at the Current we’re basically a bunch of Cupids on Earth. Romantic to a fault.

This Valentine’s Day we invited you to proclaim love for your Valentine, a friend or a neighbor… AND for the news, all in one fell swoop.

Many of you answered the call! Here are your love notes – watch for them in the paper tomorrow and on social media today.

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at the Current, and thank you for supporting local, nonprofit news.

I WOOF you! Remi

To my Valentine, RAE, with love!

Happy Valentine’s Day Lola! Love, TT

To my goonies, love Tom Kateson

Joe D’Eon, you have my heart X)

To Barbara Bell

Sending love to the volunteers from Marblehead Conservancy who keep the trails at Robinson Farm in such great shape. Thank you!

Joanne Olson: Love you, Mom!

Love you more than bacon! The Baconator 

To Dr. Cronin at Atlantic Vet, for taking such good care of my girl

LOVE to Monty Morris (1933 – 2023)

To my Favorite YOUNG Valentine, Katherine Koch!

Happy Valentine’s Day – Lynn Bryant

To Sugarbush… the future is ours.

For Jennifer Ann Bell – Jenn, we love you and miss you this Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day to the person who picks up Devereux Beach every day, from the Wolfpack

Caroline Juon Wild: YOU ARE LOVED!! Victor and Logan

Happy Valentine’s Day to Sandi Goldfarb

Dear David, thanks for loving me, broken ankle and all! P.A.

To Dad, love the Bucket

Happy Valentine’s Day to my loves, David, Jack, Maddy and April!

Sending love and gratitude to all the readers and supporters of the Marblehead Current.

Happy Valentine’s Day to Brady, Zach and Landon!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my “friends of the heart”

Happy Valentine’s Day, Barb. From your loving husband.

Wendy Olson: I love you! Thanks, as always, for your support (even if you’ll never read this).

To a sleep-deprived but always creative genius. You know who you are, girl.

Happy Valentine’s Day Peter! You are my North Star, my moon, and my sun.  Life with you is more  fun than I could have imagined. Hugs and kisses,  Deb

Happy Valentine’s Day Virginia Beth Buckingham Lowy

To Koly Martin, our Post Office miracle! Thanks so much for taking such great care of our “baby”, and helping walk us through the process of getting her delivered!!

Corey, LYMTTCG – Mom

And last but  not least: Happy Valentine’s Day to my better than mediocre husband, Mark Molinari.

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