Call for Community Art!

So, you want to help the mission of the Marblehead Current through your creativity?

Thanks for being here! The brief is pretty simple. 

Using the blank front page of the Current from November 1, we invite you to create an original work of art. Really almost anything you want. Here’s what local artist Adam Cohn created.

Guidelines and requirements:

  1. The Current is a Marblehead-focused news source that seeks to build community, drive civic engagement and strengthen productive discourse through the presence of independent local journalism. Please center your work around the mission of the paper! (Please don’t use the opportunity to comments on issues of the day, but rather to celebrate the presence and importance of non-profit community news.)
  2. The work should be applied directly to the provided Current blank front page from 11/1/23. You can pick up your free blank-canvas front page at Arnould Gallery starting on Monday, November 13.
  3. Please sign your work and offer as a donation in-kind to the Current. 5. All submitted work will remain property of the Current for use in fundraising efforts and may be exhibited or auctioned.
  4. Please complete and submit your final work to Gene Arnould at Arnould Gallery (111 Washington Street) by Monday, December 3. Include a short bio about yourself and the story behind your creation.

Questions? Email us!

MANY THANKS for considering this and hopefully participating. We can’t wait to see what you’ll create.