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EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY: Fill up summer to slow it down
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EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY: Fill up summer to slow it down

I’m thinking what you’re thinking. This is the best time of the year to live in Marblehead and New England. This season is our revenge. Those who moved to Florida or Arizona and posted palm tree pictures in my Facebook feed all winter? I’ll see your post with mine of a perfect sunset over the harbor, and raise you an overflowing lobster roll.  Every year at about this time, my husband and I start talking about all the plans we want to make for the summer. Who do we want to invite over for a barbeque? How many cooking fires can we fit in at Goldthwait Reservation? What shows might we try to see? We have to get to Woodman’s. And spend a day at Wingaersheek Beach. A few years ago, we walked to Little Harbor Lobster Company and sat on a bench and ate cold shrimp and lobster. Let’s...
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’HEADERS HISTORY: The tale of Johnny Quelch

In the year 1704, the brigantine Charles commandeered by a piratical crew took refuge in Marblehead Harbor. The year before, the Charles had left Boston on a privateering expedition against the French. The crew, taking advantage of the illness of their captain, Daniel Ploughman, locked him in his cabin until he died of illness and/or starvation and later threw his body overboard and elected Lt. John Quelch captain in his place. Several weeks later, the Charles was off the coast of Brazil, and during the next three months Quelch made nine captures of Portuguese vessels. This proclamation, issued by Lt. Gov. Povey, informed the public of the crime of piracy committed by John Quelch and his men. COURTESY PHOTO These vessels were the property of the king of Portugal, an ally of t...
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Calling all writers: Revived Literary Festival taking submissions

The Marblehead Festival of Arts is bringing back its Literary Festival, originally known as Writers World, for the first time since 2019. The Festival’s writing contest is also returning, along with several speakers, panels and workshops. The Marblehead Current is a presenting media sponsor of the MFoA. “Despite the limited resources and a small, all-volunteer committee, Marblehead's Literary Festival can stand with the best of them in terms of programming and quality of speakers — all at no cost to attendees,” said Margo Steiner, who has been involved with the Festival since 1980. “We may not be the largest such festival in the country, but we like to think that our annual celebration of writers, readers and all things literary speaks to many within the community and beyond who st...
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CURRENT EVENTS: Marblehead’s best bets May 17-24

Welcome to our new feature, Current Events, spotlighting exciting happenings in the coming week. If you’d like to contribute a listing, please email Current associate editor/senior reporter Leigh Blander at    Go behind the scenes with ‘Gatsby’May 17, 6:30 p.m. In conjunction with Marblehead Little Theatre’s world premiere of “The Great Gatsby: An American Musical,” which premieres June 23, Abbot Library will host a lively discussion with two of the show’s creators: Fred Anthony Marco and Doug Hill, both of Marblehead. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby” has long been considered one of America’s great novels. Come learn about the artistic process of turning a literary classic into a new, original musical. Learn more at abbotlib...
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EDITORIAL: Keep it in the family

“All politics is local,” the late U.S. House Speaker Tip O’Neill was famous for saying. One can only imagine how the former congressman might have amended that statement had he lived to see  a Virginia-based nonprofit organization use its website to stoke hysteria about what is happening in classrooms in Marblehead and across the country. To review, Parents Defending Education shined a spotlight on the $10,000 that the Marblehead Public Schools had paid Henry Turner, the principal of Newton North High School and a Marblehead resident, to lead several diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) workshops for Marblehead teachers, students and parents. In doing so, PDE was following a familiar playbook. Its website features a nationwide catalog of what it calls “incident reports” in ...
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EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY: Too soon to make meaning

Last week, the World Health Organization declared that the COVID public health emergency was over. Similarly, Massachusetts lifted its last restrictions, which mainly affected mask-wearing in health care settings. The moments were noted by the media, but most of us, for some time, have been living as if the pandemic had passed. Those we knew still contracting COVID seemed to be outliers, a sense backed up by the dwindling disease statistics. Nor did we, unlike the end of World War II, the capture of Bin Laden and other major historic moments, have a collective celebration at the official pronouncements. No doctors were dipping nurses in Times Square, which is an outdated image anyway, so it’s just as well. (Though I personally would smile at a female doctor dipping a male nurse.) ...
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I BEG TO DIFFER: ‘Purest form of democracy?’ Hardly

“Open Town Meeting is the purest form of democracy.” I’ve heard this phrase so many times in the past 53 years. No question, those who proclaim it firmly believe it’s true.  I disagree. Consider the sometimes rowdy, occasionally contentious, intensely public spectacle that is the open town meeting, at least as it’s practiced here in our beloved, nearly 400-year-old town.  Consider the catcalls when speakers “run long.”  Consider the desperate calls for a quorum when the Town Meeting itself runs long.  Consider the long lines at the microphones. Often, folks in the line are unclear on the concept and feel compelled to demonstrate their lack of information by asking question after question. And there’s an equal number of folks who are sure they know far...
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PLAYING THE GAME: The discovery of ‘Marblehead Ocean’

As an idea guy who's lived in Marblehead for over 50 years and whose main gig is branding, it's amazing I didn't set about getting “Marblehead Ocean” on the map — literally — years ago. The lightning struck as I was rambling thoughts on Marblehead Light and trying to find an image that embodied the proud heritage of that iconic iron tower.The image-defining question I'd been asking myself was, "What bespeaks Marblehead in a big-picture symbolic sense?" Subtly implicit "Marblehead Ocean" answers came back in volleys.For openers, a tiny cove in Marblehead was a veritable spawning ground for the fishing industry in this country. You get a hold of Hugh Bishop and Brenda Bishop Booma's book "Marblehead's First Harbor" and get ready for a jaw-dropping ride. Back then in the 1600s, Marb...
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CUZNER IN NATURE: Eastern screech owlet perched in forest canopy

Marblehead nature photographer Rick Cuzner says of this photo, "Historically, Mother's Day weekend is when I usually start finding baby eastern screech owls while walking through the local woods. Some appear a bit early, while others arrive a bit later. "During one of my walks to check out a nesting cavity where I have witnessed several owlets grow up over the past couple of years, I spotted a recently fledged screech owl perched on a branch, not more than 2 feet off the ground. It wasn't a great hiding spot considering all the other wildlife around. "When I returned the following day, I discovered the owlet far up in the canopy of a group of trees." During one of my walks to check out a nesting cavity, photographer Rick Cuzner spotted this recently fledged screech owl. COURTESY ...
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SUPERINTENDENT UPDATE: Reflections as another year nears its end

Good people of Marblehead Public Schools: “The best thing about the past is it shows you what not to bring into your future.” I came across this quote — without attribution, unfortunately — as I was beginning to think about the close of another academic year nearly upon us. With a month left until graduation, I find myself beginning to reflect on the year, what we have achieved and what goals and priorities we need to consider for next year. I am sure our soon-to-be graduates are also beginning to look back on their MPS journey. I doubt many seniors feel they are the same person they were at MVMS or Village. That is not to suggest they don’t have fond memories from their experiences there, but they have grown, matured and evolved. Looking back at our past experiences, su...
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