Three-year terms for Marblehead Select Board? Proposal headed back to Town Meeting
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Three-year terms for Marblehead Select Board? Proposal headed back to Town Meeting

The proposal pops up periodically — including as recently as the 2020 Town Meeting. But is this the year that voters decide to extend the terms of members of the Select Board from one to three years? Article sponsor Jim Zisson certainly hopes so. His research has shown that Marblehead is an outlier among towns with select boards in electing their members annually. A common misconception is that the Select Board is like a city council, Zisson said. The two bodies may have a similar number of members, but the similarities end there, he explained. “The Select Board is an executive function,” more like a mayor, Zisson said. Mayors almost always serve multi-year terms, which makes sense, Zisson argued. “The reason is there are a lot of long-term strategies and objectives that...
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Marblehead Select Board to include schools in override proposal

For the first time in a public meeting, the Marblehead Select Board acknowledged the Marblehead Public Schools would be included in the Proposition 2 1/2 override proposed under Article 31 of the 2023 town warrant. "We have been working hard to develop a more collaborative relationship with the town," Superintendent John Buckey told the Marblehead Current, calling the Select Board's direction "a very encouraging sign." Buckey added, "The Select Board's inclusion of the schools in its override request affirms that they recognize the school district's financial constraints and will join us in asking voters to invest appropriately in public education here in Marblehead.” Marblehead Finance Director Aleesha Nunley-Benjamin addresses the Select Board during a budget discussion on Fr...
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More than two dozen seats open in 2023 municipal election

Marblehead’s 2023 municipal election season is underway. As of Monday, March 20, nomination papers were available for voters interested in running for local office in the Tuesday, June 20 municipal election. Between expiring and unexpired terms, there are 25 elected positions up for grabs across various boards, committees and commissions in Marblehead's decentralized municipal government, even as much decision-making authority over town affairs lies with Town Meeting and the Select Board. Open Town Meeting is essentially the town’s legislative branch, where voters authorize expenditures and budgets, sign off on home rule petitions and enact bylaws. The Old Town House, 1 Market Square, was built in 1727. It is often referred to as 'Marblehead’s Cradle of Liberty' and is one o...
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Marblehead’s tree enthusiasts help warden build out canopy

Several initiatives to further cultivate and grow Marblehead’s “urban forestry and tree canopy” are afoot. As the springtime approaches, Sustainable Marblehead is raising awareness about Marblehead’s tree fund and urging members of the public to send in donations. “Every spring in April, Sustainable Marblehead’s tree group collaborates with the tree warden to do tree planting,” the nonprofit organization’s executive director, Louise Yarmoff, told the Marblehead Current. “So, the more people know about this tree donation fund, the more money he will have to buy trees to replace all the trees that do die and have to be taken down.” Jon Fobert, Marblehead’s tree warden, said the town established the tree-donation fund in the mid-1970s after disease decimated the Dutch elm tree popul...
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CUZNER IN NATURE: Bald eagle hunts ducks at Grace Oliver Beach

This photo is of an American bald eagle on the hunt at Grace Oliver Beach in Marblehead last winter.  I was driving by and happened to notice the commotion and was lucky enough to get a few shots. Eagles are just such an impressive and massive bird to see — especially when you see them locally. The Marblehead Current is proud to partner with photographer Rick Cuzner.  For the past 15 years, he has taken thousands of nature photographs that have captured the wild animals who call Marblehead home.
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From 10,000 Maniacs to Marblehead: Neilds return to Me&Thee

Me&Thee Music continues its 53rd season with a concert by The Nields in their only Greater Boston appearance Friday, March 24. Nerissa and Katryna Nields will be featured at Me&Thee Music on Friday, March 24 in their only Greater Boston appearance. The Nields have appeared in concert with James Taylor, The Band, 10,000 Maniacs and many others. COURTESY PHOTO Sisters Nerissa and Katryna have been making music professionally since 1991. With 20 CDs, major and independent record and publishing deals, performances with The Band, James Taylor, Dar Williams, 10,000 Maniacs, Ani DiFranco and the Indigo Girls, they have lived the rock ’n’ roll life. Their Marblehead concert marks their first time back in years. The Nields have been lauded for their gorgeous, lilting sibling harmo...
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ANNUAL AWARD: Help honor a worthy teacher

Nominations are currently being accepted for the Margaret Voss Howard Teacher Recognition Award, a fund of the Essex County Community Foundation.   The yearly award honors the contributions of one teacher from the Salem school district and one from the Marblehead district, each with a $500 unrestricted award. Teachers, other school employees, parents, students and citizens may nominate a teacher by submitting a detailed letter explaining why the teacher should be honored and sending it to:  howardteacheraward@yahoo.com (preferred) or Teacher Award, 190 Bridge St. #2301, Salem, MA 01970.   Nominators should include their full contact information or a nomination form. Nominations must be postmarked by April 21. Honorees are selected by a committee of local educat...
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Vulgar, antisemitic graffiti discovered at Marblehead Village School

Police are investigating graffiti that includes vulgar and homophobic language and antisemitic symbols found at Marblehead Village School, Principal Mandy Murphy reported in an email to the public on Monday.  “It is with great disappointment and frustration that I write to you concerning recent graffiti found on the roof and bricks of Village School,” said Mandy. “We immediately reported this to the police department and the superintendent.”  She added, “While the area the graffiti was drawn on may not be seen by many students, it makes us sad to see the graffiti of such hate on our building.”  Murphy said they are making security footage available to police.  “We hope this was not one of our students and has become a police investigation,” Murphy wrote. “We...
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OBITUARY: Ronald Joseph Killiany, 61

Ronald Joseph Killiany, 61, of Marblehead, passed away on Saturday, March 4. He was the beloved husband of Miriam Bonutti Killiany with whom he shared 36 years of marriage. Born in Torrington, Conneticut, Ron was the son of Andrew and Betty Ann Killiany, a dear brother to Thomas Killiany and Dianna Orth, uncle to Benjamin Killiany, and a beloved brother-in-law to David Orth, Hank and Kathy Bonutti, Magda and Paul Szabo, Peter and Simone Bonutti, and Boris Bonutti, as well as a treasured son-in-law to Karl Bonutti. He grew up in Torrington, Connecticut, and Birmingham, Mississippi , graduating from Seaholm High School in Birmingham, MI and then attending John Carroll University in Cleveland, OH, receiving his B.S. He followed this with a master’s degree from the University of Hartfor...
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by Ethan Horgan, Sophomore The Grumman F-14 was created during the cold war to combat soviet bombers and air-to-ship missiles. Two seats, twin engines, and swing-wing capabilities made this a revolutionary multi-role fighter that dominated against the Russian MiG-23 and SU-22. The F-14 was the predecessor of the f-4 phantom, which dominated the vietnam airspace. The F-14 contains many internal and external aspects that all come together to make it such an important aircraft. Inside the cockpit, the F-14 was equipped with a powerful radar system called the AN/AWG-9, which had a range of over 100 miles and could track multiple targets simultaneously. The Tomcat was also equipped with various air-to-air missiles, including the AIM-54 Phoenix, which had a range of over 100 miles and cou...
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