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Community Store leaving void one year after closure
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Community Store leaving void one year after closure

One year after closing, the Marblehead Community Store, 214 Beacon St., remains vacant. The decades-old grocer anchored Beacon Street for over 50 years before shuttering last August. In some residents’ eyes, the market offered more than groceries — it was a community hub. Resident Charlotte Lewis wishes a new Community Store, like the one that shuttered a year ago at 214 Beacon St., would open on the west side of Marblehead. CURRENT PHOTO / LEIGH BLANDER “It’s not actively being listed anywhere,” said Charlotte Lewis, a Marblehead resident who lives near the building and is a real estate broker. “We go to Crosby’s instead.” Known for its on-site butcher and made-to-order sandwiches, the Community Store is missed. “I have a personal interest in it because I am a neighbor,” Lewi...
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Bartlett’s Garage renovation gets initial OK amid opposition

A proposed renovation to Bartlett's Garage received initial approval from the Marblehead Old and Historic Districts Commission on Aug. 15, despite opposition over the project’s inclusion of a second-story addition to the 1 Stacey St. building. Architectural rendering of the proposed renovation of Bartlett’s Garage, showing the controversial second-story addition that aims to balance modern needs with historical preservation. COURTESY PHOTO /WALTER JACOB ARCHITECTS  "I have many of my neighbors here with me today who are universally in favor of the restoration of Bartlett's garage," said Katherine Howe in her remarks before the commission and residents in Abbot Hall's Select Board Room. "We love Bartlett's garage. We are excited for it to be restored to its former glory. We're excite...
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YOU ASKED, WE ANSWER: Crews lift, move a 64-ton building on Pleasant Street

In an impressive engineering feat, a Pleasant Street building that once housed a Bank of America branch has been moved 15 feet from its initial spot to make room for a new foundation, according to Stan Wildes and his team from Atkinson, New Hampshire, for whom lifting and moving buildings is all in a day's work. "We engage in some structural work, but primarily we move and lift buildings," Wildes said during an interview at the site. The endeavor had piqued curiosity around town, prompting a visit from the Marblehead Current. The 64-ton structure at 66 Pleasant St. is being transformed into a residence. The 64-ton structure at 66 Pleasant St., previously a Bank of America location, is undergoing a transformation into a residence. CURRENT PHOTO / WILLIAM J. DOWD How do you move...
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Marblehead Current launches override calculator

Marblehead voters head to the polls on June 20 to approve or reject a $2.5 million permanent override and elect many town leaders. It has been 18 years since Marblehead has approved a general override. Launching today within its comprehensive Election Guide, the Marblehead Current is including an override calculator which allows residents to input their property's estimated value and learn their additional tax burden should the override be approved. The calculator, created by Marblehead resident and web developer Ed Lewis, shows additional taxes for year one, and also quarterly within that year. Unlike a debt-exclusion (temporary) override, which comes off the rolls once a building or project is paid for, a general override becomes a permanent part of the tax base. This means the...
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Demo delay pauses Glover property development

The Glover’s Marblehead Regiment and Swampscott Historical Commission have joined forces to save a historically-significant building on a Vinnin Square property that is being developed into a 140-unit condo complex. The property at 299 Salem Road spans three towns: Marblehead, Swampscott and Salem, and possesses a colorful past dating back to before the American Revolution. General John Glover’s main house was built in the late 18th century. COURTESY PHOTOS / SWAMPSCOTT PUBLIC LIBRARY Initially, the property was the William Browne family farm, managed by Thomas Vining. It later became the residence of Gen. John Glover, a famed Revolutionary War figure, from approximately 1781 until his death in 1797. Glover was the brains behind the Crossing of the Delaware, a surprise attack led...
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The Dixey Collection: Remembering the Rockmere

The Marblehead Current is proud to partner with photographer and historian Dan Dixey, who regularly shares photos of Marblehead from his extensive collection, along with information about each shot. “This is a view of the Rockmere Hotel from Crocker Park in 1906,” Dixey said. “The hotel had over 100 rooms and was located where Glover Landing is today. This photo is from the original Fred Litchman glass negative.”
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Crown jewel of Marblehead dives put on market for $1M

The crown jewel of Marblehead's dive bars — the Rip Tide Lounge — has been placed on the market for $1 million, real estate broker Sam Gifford of Churchill Properties LLC told the Marblehead Current.  The Rip Tide Lounge, the iconic bar at 116 Pleasant St., has been placed on the real estate market for $1 million. COURTESY PHOTO / EYAL OREN / WEDNESDAYS IN MARBLEHEAD "It's definitely on the real estate market," said Gifford. "George [Ciampa] has owned and operated it since the late 1960s. He's been at it for a really long time, and if the right buyer, the right person, comes along, he'll step aside and enjoy retirement." Gifford took the Current's call while standing in the establishment the morning of Jan. 10. He's already been showing the place and talking t...
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Marblehead residents weigh in on ADU proposal

Marblehead Planning Board members picked up quite a few ideas for possible incorporation in a working zoning bylaw proposal that they are crafting for Town Meeting’s consideration in May. The zoning bylaw would aim to regulate what’s called accessory dwelling units - both their use and construction in Marblehead. ADUs are small living quarters on the same property as single-family homes - and often referred to as "in-law apartments." “They can be created in a house, attached to a house, or detached from a house,” said the Planning Board’s chairman, Robert Schaeffner, on Tuesday. “All of them are intended to keep the feeling of a single-family residence always.” Many communities, like Salem and Swampscott, have frame their ADU policies as one way to mitigate the Greater Bos...
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Marblehead, Swampscott real estate transfers, week of Oct. 17 – 31, 2022

Marblehead BuyerSellerAddressDatePriceAndrew and Sarah GrafErin and Charles Kace1 Adams Rd10/26/2022$850,000John C. RiceChmara INT1 Campbell Way10/20/2022$1,020,000Shar VanboskirkPatricia and James Patrick2 Pleasant Ct10/20/2022$1,400,000Linday and Bowden Russell4 Overlook Road RT4 Overlook Rd10/21/2022$680,000Scott and Dawn SchnellJudy Groves11 Harris St10/28/2022$1,336,000Leah and Jonathan WaldoStevie G. Browning11 Susan Rd10/27/2022$935,000Anusia GillespieEllen R Potash IRT15 Sapphire Rd10/28/2022$768,900Sunni and David PotachLawrence Strain and Rossana Ferrante19 Jane Rd10/31/2022$825,000Ryan and Lindsay McGuinnessSusan Dephillips and Kimberly Barnes26 Flint St10/27/2022$1,765,000Matthew and Alexander LindsaySean and Thomas Connolly138 Jersey St10/21/2022$500,000Britt and Owen Dec...
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Marblehead, Swampscott real estate transfers, Sept. 12 – 16, 2022

Marblehead BUYERSELLERADDRESSDATEPRICECynthia Burrell 2021 RET and Thomas CushmanJefferey H. Boal and Judith Boal 9 Redstone Lane9/12/2022$3,850,000Colby Bircher and Michael J. Bircher Leslie and Damian Bailey12 Auburndale Road9/15/2022$995,000Casey Hauch Raymond T Hauch RET13 Thompson Road9/12/2022$217,50015 Meadow Lane LLCNancy Ryan 14 Meadow Lane9/14/2022$900,000Brian Durkin and Jenna Paradise-DurkinJennifer Katz-Smith and John W. Smith 19 Lucia Road9/15/2022$930,000Rita March and Raymond MarchAudrey L. Tirrell 20202 RET and CJ Tirrell-Norton 41 Overlook Road9/15/2022$775,000Rousseau FT MarquetePatrick K. Rousseau and Schwartz, Carolyn H46 Cloutmans Lane9/14/2022$75,000MTS and Michael T. Smaga Jr. Debra and Norman Goldman51 Pickwick Road9/15/2022$650,000 Swampscott BUYERSELLE...
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