About Us

The Marblehead Current is published by the Marblehead News Group, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit news source staffed by veteran journalists with deep experience covering the town. Our Board of Directors is both locally-based and fully volunteer.

Our mission: To provide Marblehead with objective, fair and free local news, online and in print, through a sustainable, locally-controlled nonprofit that values public service over profit. We’re committed to the idea that it’s critically important for Marblehead residents to know what’s happening in town — at Abbot Hall, in classrooms, on playing fields, and among our many active community groups. We’re actively partnering with the community to drive civic engagement and connectivity.

We know the damaging impact on communities that lose local news coverage — participation in town politics drops, corruption increases, and people feel less connected to their neighbors. We subscribe to standards of editorial independence and fact-based journalism adopted by the Institute for Nonprofit News (of which we are members) and the Society of Professional Journalists.

Help shape what we become. Please offer us suggestions (or help!) by sending an email to info@marbleheadnews.org. Or, support our operations with a donation.

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