Magicians beat rival Swampscott to snap losing streak in another Powderpuff flag football classic

The Marblehead High powderpuff flag football squad sent Jacqui Bouchard, the team’s senior class advisor, off in style after an 18-year run along the sidelines with a 21-14 win over their Swampscott counterparts at Piper Field on Saturday, Nov. 18.

Bouchard knows something about playing in this game, having suited up for it in 1993. She can certainly appreciate what it means to them. It’s only one game, but the players are willing to sacrifice for six weeks with daily weeknight practices just to compete in this annual tradition on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. And now to win it after Swampscott won the last two made this experience even sweeter.

“We knew what we wanted to do, and we wanted to win it for (Bouchard), so she could leave on a good note,” said defensive coordinator Cam Comstock, who also plays on the boys basketball team. “We wanted to make her proud, and I think we definitely did that.”

Comstock went on to say, “Swampscott was a tough team, but we told the girls to follow the game plan, do their job and they’ll win, which they did.”

The Magicians dominated the first half, leading at halftime, 14-0. The Marblehead defense limited Swampscott to only three first downs throughout the first two quarters of the game.

At 4:11 of the first quarter, LeDaisha Williams, No. 80 in your program, finished off the opening drive of the game with a short one-yard run to the endzone. Williams ran the ball three other times in that drive, compiling a big 38 yards to keep her offensive teammates moving in the right direction. Placekicker Rachel Albert tacked on the extra point to put the home team ahead, 7-0.

With 17 seconds left in the first quarter, Talia Selby, on the first play from scrimmage, scampered 59 yards for six more points. Albert added the exclamation point once again to complete the team’s second drive of the game.

The Big Blue cut the Marblehead lead in half to begin the second half at 11:43 of the third quarter. But the Magicians got it right back four minutes later on a 24-yard dash to the end zone by captain Maeve Mcllroy. Albert then nailed her third straight extra point.

The Swampscott girls kept on battling. They finally made it a seven-point game again on a touchdown run from the three with just over four minutes left in the game. But then, the home team was able to kill the rest of the clock to secure Bouchard’s final powderpuff win as its senior class advisor. 

Comstock thought cornerback Eva Walton stood out on defense. “(Walton) held down her side of the field, to say the least,” he added.

Williams was the most outstanding offensive player in this game, according to Comstock, who said, “(Williams) is a stud. She’s definitely the fastest girl I have ever seen. She’s also a national track star, who runs the 40 in 4.7-seconds.”

This year’s Marblehead powderpuff flag football coaches are Charlie Sachs (special teams, line), Cam Comstock (defensive coordinator), Hogan Sedky (defensive coordinator), Bodie Bartram (offensive coordinator) and Nick Lemmond (offensive coordinator). The Magician captains are Sophia Hallisey, Colette Rodrigues, Caroline Scroope, Genevieve Rogers, Aoife Bresnahan and Maeve Mcilroy. Christiaan Francoeur is the team manager.

Comstock loved the entire coaching experience, and would like to do more of it, but in basketball, his sport of choice. “I like seeing people be successful, and after experiencing this win, I’d like to be a part of more victories as a coach in the future,” he said.

2023 MHS Powderpuff flag football roster

This year’s Marblehead roster includes Jasmina Kurtovic (No. 1), Ava Genovesi (No. 39), Katherine Twomey (No. 2), Siena Day (No. 40), Clara Gallagher (No. 3), Kate Dulac (No. 41), Trinity Hobson (No. 4), Madeleine Cole (No. 42), Hannah Atkinson (No. 5), Sofia Grubor (No. 43), Rowan Bean (No. 6), Emiyah Setalsingh (No. 44), Madison Walker (No. 7), Caroline Jones (No. 45), Kathryn Pyne (No. 8), Aviva Bornstein (No. 46), Rose Alvarez Dobrusin (No. 9), Anna Sokolov (No. 47), Eva Walton (No. 9), Sadie Jennings (No. 48), Amelia Singer (No. 10), Sydney Hamilton (No. 49), Lauren Zisson (No. 11), Caroline Scroope (No. 50), Talia Selby (No. 12), Mona Gelfgatt (No. 51), Madeline Bontaites (No. 13), Ava Fagan (No. 52), Alexandra Carter (No. 14), Camille Chandler (No. 54), Maeve Mcllroy (No. 15), Madeleine Gill (No. 55), Avery O’Neil (No. 16), Eliza Ginivisian (No. 56), Lindsey Stafford (No. 17), Lillian Church (No. 57), Cassidy Lubeck (No. 18), Alexus Harper (No. 58), Aoife Bresnahan (No. 19), Ava Larco (No. 59), Sophia Wallen (No. 20), Kate Burns (No. 60), Annabelle Smith (No. 21), Katherine Deiana (No. 61), Sophie Dack (No. 22), Meg Maguire(No. 62), Gwyneth Anderson (No. 23), Madeleine Conlon (No. 63), Abigail Ross (No. 24), Casey Killeen (No. 64), Clara Donova (No. 25), Rachel Albert (No. 65), Rebecca Vaynshteyn (No. 26), Shakayla Baxter (No. 66), Amelia Solano (No. 27), Sienna Velandry (No. 67), Sophia Hallisey (No. 28), Alyssa Gentile (No. 68), Chloe Stux (No. 29), Ruby Calienes (No. 70), Emily Tauro (No. 30), Amanda Gilliland (No. 71), Grace Mortenson (No. 31), Summer Doherty-Guy (No. 72), Lucia Levin (No. 32), Johra Warab (No. 75), Genevieve Rogers (No. 33), Alisa Colon (No. 78), Anais Disla Soto (No. 34), Peyton Downey (No. 79), Katelyn Cuzner (No. 35), LeDaisha Williams (No. 80), Colette Rodrigues (No. 35), Remington Tilkens (No. 36), Deyshalee Amadis (No. 37), Alysia Herrey (No. 38), Charlotte Howells, Mia Marchesi and Kawinthida Merrigan.

Sideline, administrative staff

Advisor: Jacqueline Bouchard; Team Manager: Christiaan Francoeur; Coaches: Cameron Comstock, Hogan Sedky, Bodie Bartram, Nick Lemmond and Charlie Sachs; Athletic Trainer: Madeline Rowe; Athletic Director: Greg Ceglarski; and Principal: Michele Carlson.

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