LETTER: ‘I hear you and believe you’

To the editor: 

During the Marblehead School Committee meeting on Nov. 2 we heard from a couple of METCO mothers on how they feel that their children are not heard or seen. My heart broke because her child is being bullied by a staff member of the school. Time and time her words were not heard.

METCO mama bear, I hear you and believe you. 

My child received an added birthday gift on her birthday. A teacher overheard another student teasing/bullying her about being adopted. That teacher brought it to the attention of her team teachers. Bravo to the Burke/Volpe/Deana team at her school for having all 42 kids come together and hear that families are made up of all different ways.

You see, my child has been teased/bullied for three years. The counselors have worked hard over the years to curtail it to the best of their abilities. Thursday was different. One of her teachers is adopted, too. She told her story of adoption and my child told her story. One thing in common with all the other children, adopted children are loved just as much as each and every student in her school.

These teachers made me cry and made my heart smile for giving her the best gift anyone could ever receive, respect. Just remember, we are all the same because we are all different.

Mary McCarriston

Pinecliff Drive

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